Joanne M., CO 

“Just finished The Only Street in Paris, and loved it from all points of view you describe: people, laces, history, foods, and, I think, the untold (or not enough told) about the architecture and about the crypt. Should Pope Francis go to Paris, I suspect that he’ll visit it. Vive le Pape! Mille mercis for your captivating work!” 

Paris H., Australian in Paris

“I can’t tell you what an absolute joy it’s been to read your book and discover the lives, stories and secrets of the different people who live and work on the street that I’ve come to love so much, as well as the neighborhood’s history more broadly. I have several French friends who also live in the neighborhood and they’re all excited to purchase their own copy following my incessant text messages sharing little tidbits of information from your book (none of us could believe that the Carrefour used to be a circus!). Thank you again for sharing your love, knowledge and experiences of the best street in Paris.” 

John LB., IN

“We took a walking tour of Montmartre Sunday with a lovely young student guide and when we got to ‘THE STREET’ I got so much more out of the outing. I touted your book to her and I know for sure you can count on at least two more sales.” 

“Just finished The Only Street in Paris and really loved it. It is gracefully written and offers wonderful insight to the corners of Paris you know so well. Will also be using it as a guide when my husband and I visit Paris in early April. Kudos on a fine book and kind regards.”




“I am loving your book, it feels like I am Paris. I also enjoy your special stories and personal history of each street and area within Paris. There is something special about the city for everyone.”

Janet S., CT



Leni K., NY.

“I attended the Book signing of The Only Street in Paris and thoroughly enjoyed your delightful book La Seduction. I was flattered that you considered me an ideal audience at your book signing, but it was because your presentation was fascinating and sprinkled with wonderful humor.”

Robyn W., VA

“I reserved a copy of The Only Street in Paris from my library as soon as I read the reviews. I didn’t expect to finish it – Instead I am enthralled – and so very impressed — not only with your sprightly style – but with the prodigious amount of research that is evident. The characters are alive; the landscape is enthralling; and I hope nothing changes before I manage to get there myself!”

“I am reading your book The Only Street in Paris – which I must admit might have also played a big role in my spontaneous travel decision- and I am just beyond in love with the description of Le Rue des Martyrs and all it’s history, characters and life.” –

Carla MC., NY

Kathy K., DC

“I just finished reading your book, The Only Street in Paris which I got for Christmas. I just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoyed it. I was very impressed at how resourceful you were in getting to know people on the street, and felt almost as if I were there at the wonderful party you had to bring them all together. And of course I loved all the amazing stories that you found on the street, especially the lady who did the gilding and the barometers. Félicitations on such a wonderful book.”

“Your book about your street was my Christmas reading. Could not put it down. Brava.”–

Allan G., NY

Karen B., CA

“I just finished your intriguing book. I don’t usually write to authors, but I felt the need to thank you for bringing back fond memories of the Rue des Martyrs. I agree with your sentiment that I could never be sad on Rue des Martyrs.”

Connie C., IL

“A friend loaned me your early copy of The Only Street on Paris which was so much fun to read. Thank you for enriching my life!” 

“I am reading, and greatly enjoying, The Only Street in Paris, which my daughter had you inscribe for me, and then gave to me. I am up to p 135, and enjoying it immensely, especially the two chapters I just read about the knife sharpener and the Tunisian antique dealer. I also particularly like what you write about your family, your career, Sicilians, etc.”

Julius S., NY

“Elaine, you were fascinating and charming in your presentation last night. And your transition from terrorism to life on the street was deft and sensitive. It was a joy to see and hear you. It’s good that you’re here now to talk about Paris in such an enlightening way. You could see by the long line of book-buyers (not always the case, as I can testify!) that you hit some chords of interest.”—

Dave S., NJ

“I happened to listen to your reading of The Only Street in Paris because my wife and I are traveling to Paris in a few weeks and I was looking for an insiders view of the city. I was floored by your descriptive narrations of the texture of the street, the feeling of your neighbors and shop keepers and the sense of place you bring to life.”

Stephen G., NY

“Last Friday, I caught a bus up to Sacre Coeur, found my way to the top of rue des Martyrs, and, to my astonishment, saw you! I was too tongue-tied to speak, but I wanted to say, ‘I’m here because of you. Thanks for writing such a charming, readable book!’”

Helen O., IN

Beth B., NY

“I love your book. I cannot get enough of this beautiful city. The detail in your book, the descriptions of residents, history and shops only makes me long for another visit. Thank you for your charming descriptions and interesting people. This will be a must read for my book group next year. Thank you for a delightful read. I did not want it to end!”